Zigsaw uses some of the best strategies in business
An ambitious project and we intend to beat the reliability indexes of GRE & GMAT
Zigsaw believes in strong relationship with costumers
College Partnership
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
Zigsaw is technologically competent
HR Consultancy
"The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world." Steve Jobs
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We are a boutique advisory firm focused on supporting clients on key issues around Hiring solutions and assessments.

“Impossible” is an inspiring word, and “continual-progress” is the motivation that keeps us on our feet.!!

Intern Mapping

We are entrusted for mapping enthusiastic interns to relevant opportunities who would flourish in challenging roles. Every requirement is carefully analyzed and then propagated to the target aspirants through print media, Campus ambassador networks, targeted social media marketing, placement committees, deep rooted professional networks and referrals. Post reviewing applications, we employ scientifically designed assessments (including psychometric profiling) to evaluate applications and find the right talent for you who coincides with your requirements.

Test Algorithm

Some Key Features of our Algorithm include
  • Random Questions from a larger pool to ensure non-repetition of questions
  • Provision to add questions from exclusive question banks as specific to his requirement.
  • Test can be invite based or can be administered with a public URL along with a pass-key.
  • Time can be customised
  • Test can be administered with multiple subject modules
  • Preferability Index of questions can be adjusted for differential selection

Permanent Hiring

3 years back we came across a piece of Philip Kotler arguing “Employees are the most valued assets”. Being the data-driven individuals that we are; we had our share of scepticism for this line of ideology. Now, a year into watching start-ups fail & flourish, We appreciate and idealise his ideology. We at Zigsaw firmly believe that a good team is what makes an organisation flourish and the lack of it causes it to collapse.
If you as an organisation share our line of thinking, we would like to get in touch with you.

We are a young team of passionate enthusiastic individuals striving towards the pinnacle of success.
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Apart from development, Avinash is India's official entry in guinness book for records for maximum instances of losing laptop, mobile and wallets

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Our wikipedia of horror stories that can scare the shit out of you. While he is not coding, you can find him on en-route Sajjangarh with his special someone

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Unapologetically honest, he is our go-to guy to understand why a plan wont work!! However, when you face a problem, sud has a solution for each one of 'them'

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Hired as a content writer, she has done everything apart from it. Currently, she handles college relationships and is practicing witchcraft to partner with every college out there.

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Hamari Sabse purani khiladi...Isko MBA karna tha jab yeh aayi thi, ajkal coding seekh rahi hai. Unlike the rest of us, bahut mehnati hai. Isiliye, Udaipur mai Zigsaw "Srishti madam wali company" hai!!

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Currently handling the toughest of jobs: operations; his coordination skills keep us sane in the chaos we work in. The good part is he can work even while at Rani Road ;)

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Don't get carried away by the sugar dipped talks, he's more mischeivious than a 5 year kid. Crazily concerned about two things in life (ONE of which is Zigsaw), he urgently needs to repair his watch as he has lost track of the time he spends with Zigsaw. But in all means, he is the defination of a 'Cool Boss (literally too)'

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