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Hope you had a wonderful Diwali. Here’s our small Diwali gift for you Posting Jobs on is FREE. Here’s a 2 minute “how to” guide to post Jobs: When…

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Advanced Search guideline If you are looking for a specific skill ONLY, do select it from the dropdown menu-1 If you are looking for a specific Job location ONLY, do…

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A professional recruiter helps you with your Job search. After you brief the recruiter with your professional experience & future aspirations, you can sit back and relax. Everything from customizing…

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We work on 2 modals: Complimentary & Dedicated Complimentary Modal: Although, it is a free modal, Job providers can expect 5-10 Job applications under this head. To avail it, kindly…

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1 year from now, when you sit for an interview in your dream company, what would make you stand out?  We give you this opportunity to build your profile for…

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It consists of 2 telephonic sessions of half an hour each Session 1: Suggesting what to prepare for interview, how to, what can be asked, possible answers, interview etiquette etc.…

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A session of 1 hour with our Recruitment specialist (Mr. Manvendra Singh, Ms. Srishti Mahatma or Mr. Vaibhav Chouhan) would cover topics like Resume feedback and suggestions Career counselling: Understanding…

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An online Job counselling session would include Analyzing skill sets acquired, experience, Job seeker preferences etc. Evaluating available Job options Suggesting jobs & avenues to apply

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Why should you OTG ? Convenience: You can give your interview on-the-go interview from anywhere at anytime. 2nd chances: While F2F interviews are a 1 shot thing, here you can…

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We started our Journey of #RevolutionizingRecruitment in 2014 and have always tried to constantly better our offerings for both Job seekers and Job Providers. Our focus to constantly better our product offerings…

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